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Арт-кафе «Хрущ на Вежі»


м. Iвано-Франкiвськ,

вул. Галицька, 22 (6 поверх)


Робочі дні:  з 9:30 до 23:00 (кухня до 22:40)

Вихідні та святкові дні: з 10:30 до 23:00

Щочетверга з 19:00 до 21:00 вечір живої музики (піаніно)

Телефон: (0342) 71-57-76

Кафе, Арт-кафе "Хрущ на Вежі"
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Сообщение VitaK от Вт мар 16, 2010 | Просмотры 3050

Love the view! and the food is not bad as well!
Not many tables, but the food is good. Mostly standard Ukrainian offerings. Live music offered on certain evenings. Get a table near the windows and enjoy the view looking over the roof tops to the Ratusha.
You can also enjoy the interior with the art hanging on the walls and the minature statues of the full size blacksmith statues which are located around the city.
If you want to know whether or not there is an open table at this cafe, there is a unique lightning system which can be seen from the street (Dnistrovska). If you see a green light, tables are free, if red, no tables available. It saves you a trip up the elevator and stairs to see for yourself.
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